Where technology meets the human touch, the Core Directions App and Backend system provides a portal for all your corporate wellness initiatives to live. A central system offers data intelligence and reports to give your organisation insight into how an effective corporate wellness programme can reduce costs and increase revenue against overall company profitability.


Full ecosystem benefits include:

  • Internal event creation, scheduling, booking & attendance management

  • Full gamification with point scoring and tracking to encourage usage and participation

  • Leaderboard driven challenges to inspire a healthier company culture, build team spirit, promote employee camaraderie and boost results.

  • Free access to monthly fitness, health, wellness and team building events.

  • Weigh-in, measurement sessions with before/after pics for progress tracking

  • Thousands of free and discounted activities, classes & gym passes

  • 100+ workout videos for beginners, intermediate & advanced available on demand

  • Meal plans, shopping lists & detox guides

  • Articles, podcasts & videos to educate and inspire

  • Push notifications with healthy habit reminders



A corporate wellness favourite, office chair yoga offers a chair based yoga flow complete with modified sun salutations, full body stretch routines, breathing exercises and guided meditation. Office Chair Yoga lengthens tight muscles to reduce back and neck pain as well as reducing stress, anxiety and improving overall concentration and productivity.


(Myofascial Release)

Using trigger point release techniques along with supporting myofascial release ball, these sessions are designed to release tight muscles, reduce pain and inflammation associated with spending extended periods behind the computer and provide participants with the education and tools to continue to sit straighter, walk taller and enjoy hours at the desk pain free.


Designed to encourage team work and staff engagement, this 45 minute bodyweight bootcamp will have employees working in pairs, teaming up, completing fitness challenges, jumping, pressing, pushing and pumping to release their endorphins, burn lots of calories and build relationships through this wonderful thing called movement!!!

Workout gear is a must!


A low intensity Barre workout performed directly behind your chair using your chair back support as your bar replacement. Bands are provided to all attendees to create a unique experience and added resistance. Programme improves spinal alignment, posture, core strength and creates longer, leaner legs and a more shapely backside.

Through a comprehensive network of fitness, health & wellness experts, Core Direction offers bespoke corporate talks that educate, motivate and inspire employees to create and live fitter, healthier & happier lives.

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