Collecting Points?

Points are awarded for 3 actions. 1. Logging Workouts (3 Points) 2. Downloading and completing a workout video (2 Points) 3. Reading an article, listening to a podcast of watching a video (1 Point) Please note that you can only do one of each action each day which limits your maximum point collection to 6 points daily. You can collect your "Workout Points" through 3 actions - Click "+" on the home screen and log your activity manually - Check-in to a Non-Partner location when you are within 250m - Check-in to a booked activity or class when you arrive at the location You are able to log activity manually up to 48 hours in the past if you forgot to log directly after completing your activity

What is a Challenge?

Challenges create a defined period where you can collect points to climb a leaderboard. Challenges are created by either Core Direction administrators or by corporate profiles. You can not create a challenge as an app user. To join a challenge you must be invited to join. Invitations are sent as either emails or pop-up notifications but if your account is affiliated to a corporate profile, you may be added to a challenge without notification so make sure to check your challenge screen via the home page periodically so you don't miss your opportunity to compete and win.

Challenge Details & Leaderboards?

To view current and past challenges toggle the "MAP" button on the home screen to "CHALLENGES". Once on the challenges screen you can view all group profiles you have joined which links to all challenges. Click any profile to view associated live challenges and once clicked, click the podium icon to see associated live leaderboard displaying your position on the leaderboard and the top 10 competitors Click the "History" button to see all historic leaderboards of past challenges. To view challenge daily details of tasks completed, click the challenge text which will navigate you to a detailed daily challenge screen with total points earned for each action broken down into a daily summary.

Main App Features?

  1. Search, Find, Buy & Book listed activities, classes and gym passes
  2. Download workout videos for training at home or when you're on the go
  3. Read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos to increase your knowledge of creating and living a fitter, healthier & happier life
  4. Take selfies, record weight and measurements, calculate BMI and body fat percentage to track your progress to ensure you're always moving closer to your goals.
  5. Earn points for in app actions against challenges to climb associated leaderboards that will motivate and inspire you to keep focused and driven

How to Search & Filter?

Map Search - Type the name of the facility you're looking for and the app will automatically show the location closest to you. Zoom out to see what other facilities there may be in your city. Activity Search - Once on the activity listing screen simply type the name of the facility you're looking for and it will show all facilities with that word in their name. Activity Filter - Select the filter button to narrow your search and show only activities you're interested in. You can filter by free or paid, date, time of day, specific activities and even offered amenities. Once you've applied your filter, note that the filter will stay on as applied until you click reset and apply again. Workout Video Search - Once on the workout listing screen simply type the name of the workout you're looking for and it will show all workouts with that word in their name. Workout Filter - Select the filter button to narrow your search and show only workouts you're interested in. You can filter by beginner, intermediate and advanced and by workout type which includes WOD (Full body, body weight, workout of the day), endurance, mobility & core. Article Search - Once on the article listing screen simply type the name of the article, podcast or video you're looking for and it will show all content with that word in their name. Remember that some content types can be narrowed by putting only a part of the name in i.e. TED Talk will show all videos created by TED Talks. Article Filter - Select the filter button to narrow your search and show only educational content you're interested in. You can filter by fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content or by tags that may apply to content you're interested in.

Package & Membership Purchases?

As a portal linked to hundreds of locations providing a marketplace for activities, Core Direction provides an on demand system for class and activity booking.

  1. Filter your activity search to find what you're looking for.
  2. Select the activity for direct booking or alternatively, select the activity provider logo to navigate to their company profile
  3. Once you've selected the activity, either add additional days where the same activity occurs or just select "Continue Booking" to select the package.
  4. Select the session package or membership (Pay special attention to the expiry date) and confirm booking. (Discounts apply to corporate accounts)
  5. If you have a package for the selected location, the system will automatically complete the booking. If not, checkout directly if you have a card entered into the system or add a card if you don't or want to use an alternate card to that used previously.
Packages & Memberships are stored in your wallet, show your remaining sessions and the expiry date of purchases.

Activity Booking & Cancelation?

Core Direction provides a standard booking and cancelation policy across all listed activities. All app users are requested and advised to cancel bookings which they can not make to avoid penalty charges and to allow other clients to claim available booking slots. Booking - Booking can be made up until the start time of any listing as long as slots remain available. If an activity no longer has available slots, it will no longer show. Cancelation Period - Core Direction uses a standard cancelation period of 18 hours across all activity listings Early Cancelation - Users can cancel any booking 18 hours or more in advance of the activity start time with no charge and the booked activity credit being added to the respective package. Late Cancelation - Users that cancel less than 18 hours before the activity start time with lose the session from the respective package. No-Show Bookings - Users that fail to arrive for an activity booking will lose the session from the respective package. Unlimited Membership Cancelation - In the case of unlimited memberships, late cancellations or booking-no-show will be charged at the cost of a 1 PASS booking for the respective booking.

Activity Check-in?

Activity Check-in is extremely important as it will both award you with points and ensure you do not get penalty charges for no show. Check-in can be done in two ways.

  1. Check-in with your app when you arrive at your activity location by selecting "+" on the home screen and then "Check-in to Local Activities". (Special note that the app does automatically check you in if you open the app at the location and are within 1 hour of your activity start time. If you do not see your booking you have probably already been checked in and can check on your calendar where your activity booking will show and a marked "Checked-in" next to it)
  2. Ask the front of house or instructor at the venue to check you in on the Core Direction management system.